Office Renovation Singapore

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Office Renovation Singapore

Not Just Offices – Retail Shops, Clinics, Salons and More…

Office Renovation Singapore

Not Just Offices – Retail Shops, Clinics, Salons and More…

Looking for Office Renovation Services in Singapore?

Want to engage a reliable and trusted commercial renovation contractor experienced in Singapore office renovations? If so, we can help.

As an experienced commercial renovation contractor specializing in providing top notch office renovation services, we have extensive experience in turn-key projects and project management having worked with many satisfied corporate clients. Furthermore, we are a member of BCA registered contractor, licensed to carry out professional electrical (L.E.W) and plumbing (L.W.S.P) works. With us, you can relax knowing your office renovation needs are in good hands.

Project the Right Image to your Client

In Singapore, your office makeover need not be too extensive. It is however essential because a professional office workplace can create a good first impression with your potential client. This can make a huge difference between landing that lucrative contract, getting a deal with better margin or losing it entirely to your competitors.

A tastefully renovated office can easily help enhance your professional image and imbued yourself and your salesperson with confidence, and also giving you that competitive edge over the competition. Best of all, the expected increased in sales and profit margin alone, as a result of your enhanced corporate image, is often enough to justify your renovation investment.

Professional Interior Decoration and Design Consultation

At Office Renovation Singapore, we are the experts in office interior design. As we take great pride in each project we undertake, all our creative designs and 3D drawings we produce are always done only after careful thought, taking into consideration of your unique business needs and work flow. That’s why our designs are always practical, functional and most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. But don’t take our word for it, instead do give us a call at +65-68718864 for an obligation free consultation.

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Work Space Planning – Maximizing Space and Integrating Ergonomics

Office rentals are expensive in Singapore. Therefore, clever maximization of office space is imperative for getting the most value out of your cost per square foot.

In addition, ergonomics and space optimization – inter-personal separation, social interaction areas, colour schemes, illumination levels, etc – are important considerations for employee welfare. Having a good work environment not only increase staff productivity, it can have positive impact on staff retention and thus favorably position your company as a preferred employer.

Innovation and Creativity

Our team of associates keeps up with latest market trends in office design and is always in search of new and novel ideas. They can be very adaptive – from revolutionary to conservative – all depending on the client’s preference. Their repertoire of works can be sighted from their previous assignment and portfolios.

Our Specially Hand Picked Team of Office Renovation Associates

At Office Renovation Singapore, we know that our people are our greatest assets. That is why we carefully handpick our team of renovation associates through their previous work successes and track record. Working with the right people brings results.

Planning to renovate your office?

Let us help you achieve the ideal office environment to increase your productivity and grow your business.


One-Stop Solution

Office modification or remodeling works can be riddled with hassles, and many procrastinate as a result of this. We strive to make this experience less cumbersome by providing a single point of contact for all works. Our on-site project manager will be responsible for all the co-ordination and liaison on your behalf. Central control and liaison will free up your invaluable time to focus on your day-to-day critical work, and not to mention a sound and peaceful sleep at night. We will keep you up to date with photos of current work in progress and be more than happy to address any concerns or enquiries that may bother you.

Our Services

No job is too small for us. From simple retro-fitting to extensive turn-key projects, we do it all and at affordable pricing too. Our range of professional services includes:

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We are a socially responsible company and genuinely care for the environment. Most of the materials used in our office renovation projects are eco-friendly . We will always seek to minimize noisy works during office hours as we understand how this can be an annoyance to other tenants. More importantly, we do not want the building management to bother you.

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