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Office Space Planning

Office space planning in Singapore is an area that we at Office Renovation Singapore are very confident in. Planning out your working environment so as to optimise your work space is an extremely important part of your office design during the renovation of your office. You may be assured that we will maximise your office to not only promote efficiency and productivity but also make it user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


What is Space Planning?

Office Space planning is a means of fully utilising the space in your work environment to increase the efficiency for both your staff and office.


Why is Office Space Planning important?

Not only is the look of your office important in keeping staff morale up, it is directly correlates to productivity in their work. We are huge supporters of the idea that your environment directly affects your performance in your work, and this has been supported by numerous studies in the workplace.

With efficient and excellent space planning, your office will be easy to access and navigate by your staff, which makes it easier for work to flow from department to department. Additionally, well-planned spaces look more professional and less cluttered. This is not only a visual boost for your staff, but also for visitors to your offices.


How can Office Renovation Singapore help you?

If you are unsure of where to start with office space planning, fret not. We understand how daunting and confusing it is to figure out where to start first. Rest assured that Office Renovation Singapore will be with you every step of the way.

With regards to office space analysis, our professional team will sit down and have a chat with you about your business identity, your current office needs and your aims and goals for the company. We will also analyse your office environment with you and provide you with detailed, illustrated plans regarding the partitioning of space and how it will corresponds to your office needs. We guarantee both ease of access for your staff as well as boosting the work culture and system of your office.


What should I consider for Office Space Planning?

Want to plan out some of the space in your office before coming in for a consultation? Here are some things to consider in your office design:

  1. Number of office staff
    It is very important to have a grasp on the number of office staff that you have presently and the projected number that you intend to have in the future. The space that you have in your office has to be divided amongst the staff members so as to give them ample space to work and stretch.
  2. The departments in your office
    Keep the types of departments in your office in mind. It is important to arrange them in such a manner that will complement workflow and provide ease of access to each department. For example, it would be more efficient to place departments that work closely together in closer proximity.
  3. Types of work spaces
    Depending on your business, work spaces will differ in their design and layout. A cubicle system may be more suitable for deskwork, while an open-air working space would promote creative collaboration and discussion between staff members. Both systems promote different working styles and will optimise your work space depending on your business type.
  4. Specialised spaces
    Does your company need special spaces such as conference or meeting rooms? Perhaps it requires a staff lounge or even a pantry. These spaces can be incorporated into the office space planning as well to provide a more cohesive and complete office layout.

Our experienced team of staffs will be glad to assist you in planning out your work space as part of the office renovation works. Call us today for an obligation-free consultation.

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