Restaurant Renovation Contractor Hiring Checklist – 6 Tips To Get You Started

Restaurant renovation contractor hiring process can be so tedious and finding a good contractor can be difficult sometimes.

There are many factors that need to be considered before hiring one.

However, it is worth the time and effort in getting the right restaurant renovation contractor to manage your renovation project.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a good restaurant renovation contractor:

    • Reduce problems and help you troubleshoot
    • Make sure the completed work or design is exactly what you wanted

In this article, we are going to provide you with a checklist of these 6 Tips that will help you with the process of hunting for that perfect restaurant renovation contractor for your needs.

Tip #1 – Determine What Your Needs

Do you need a contractor for new construction, renovations, or both? What is the scale and type of work to be done?

Minor Remodeling work

If you just need to install or update your carpentry for your restaurant, you should work with a contractor that specializes in this area.

Mid-Sized Renovation Project

If the restaurant renovation does not require any structural changes to the property, you will most likely only require a general contractor.

Major Construction and Renovation Project

If there are significant structural alteration and addition work to be carried out, you will most likely require an architect who will work with a structural engineer to apply for the relevant permit with the BCA (Building and Construction Authority of Singapore).

Alternatively, you can engage a designer firm specializing in turn-key projects.

In addition, draw up a list of work that you need to be done for your restaurant renovation project such as equipment you want to install.

This list will need to be as comprehensive as possible to include all things that is related to your restaurant renovation.

Tip #2 – Get a Few Quotes

Make sure to get an estimate cost of the work that will be done from several contractors.

You can easily find some commercial renovation contractor online by searching in google or any search engine.

After which, you can contact each of the renovation company to request for a quotation.

Getting a quotation will also give you a general sense of how much it’s going to cost you and whether the cost is within your restaurant renovation budget.

Bear in mind that, you are not doing this to find someone that offer the lowest quote but rather one who offer competitive pricing as pricing is just one of the many considerations, albeit a very significant one.

Tip #3 – Check for Contractor’s License and Credentials

Ensure that the restaurant renovation contractor has the relevant licenses for the work to be carried out.

And they need to have experience with the type of restaurant you are planning to renovate.

Additionally, it is also important that they have good references and reviews on their work.

You can make sure of this by requesting to see their past projects and the list of references which you can verify.

Tip #4 – Discuss Expected Start and End Date of Restaurant Renovation Project

As with any businesses, time is money. You definitely want to start your restaurant renovation as soon as possible so that you can begin or resume business operation.

Hence, it is crucial to ask when the restaurant renovation contractor can start work and if they have sufficient manpower to finish the work by a specific date or within a reason time-frame.

Many contractors do take on multiple projects concurrently and hence may face labour crunch if they have taken on too much for them to handle.

Tip #5 – Check their Insurance Validity and Coverage

All licensed renovation contractor should be insured. You can ask to see their insurance documents and also go the extra step in calling the insurance company to verify the validity of the insurance.

It is also wise to check what the insurance covers and how it works.

Tip #6 – Scrutinise the Renovation Contract

The contract agreement should always include a detailed description of the job as well as its prices.

The beginning and end dates, payment plan, cancellation clause, and any adjustments you make along the way.

In cases of large renovation project, you should have your lawyer review the contract for further advice before signing it.

Tip #7 – Discuss the Price and Payment Term

Once you have selected the restaurant renovation contractor you want to engage, you will need to negotiate the price and term of payment.

Payment plan will differ from one renovation company to next.

However, there are in general two common options:

  • 50% upfront and the rest after completion
  • Paying per stages of completion or milestone

The success of any renovation project really depends greatly on the team you work with.

We hope this restaurant renovation contractor hiring checklist will aid you your process of getting the right people on board.

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