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Energy Saving Office Lighting Systems

Office Lighting

The office lighting used in our office renovation projects complies to Singapore’s Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) set by National Environment Agency (NEA) which is working towards having all light bulbs in Singapore to minimally meet the energy efficiency level of LED (light-emitting diodes) bulbs starting from year 2023. This will effectively obsolete halogen or incandescent lamps. In view of the future trends and regulation, we have gradually phased out the use of two of the three main types of office lighting options, namely incandescent and fluorescent lamps and advising client to use LED lights instead.

LED lights are available in a wide range of models and fixtures perfect for office lighting eg. tubes, bulbs, rope lighting, and more.

T5, T8 LED Tubular Office Lighting

T5, T8 LED Tubular Office Lighting

Ceiling Lighting Panels

Ceiling Lighting Panels

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    About lighting

    Lighting technology has become much more advanced in the past few decades. Not only are artificial lights now able to replicate the luminosity of natural daylight, they have also become much more environmentally friendly. These lighting systems are able to generate large amounts of light and are able to last longer and require less maintenance and energy.

    Energy Saving Office Lighting Systems

    Keeping these in mind, why not consider energy-saving options when choosing your office lighting? These systems are not only able to produce plenty of light and reduce the strain on your eyes, but they also have the added bonus of using less energy. This is a huge plus for your office environment, as reduced overall energy consumption and low maintenance will ultimately work to your advantage and saves you money.  Hence, remember to opt for these energy saving lights when planning for your office renovation in Singapore.

    Here are some lighting options for you to consider while doing up your new office design:

    Office LED Lighting

    About LEDs:

    A popular and energy-efficient light source is LEDs (light emitting diodes). LEDs are generally more efficient than the traditional incandescent light bulbs, as they are able to produce more light throughout their lifespan.

    Why LEDs?

    Unlike fluorescent bulbs, their efficiency is not hampered by the size or shape of the bulbs and lighting fixtures. LEDs come in a variety of colours, sizes and functions, making them a popular and useful lighting tool in the modern era.

    Pros of getting LED lighting for your office space:

    • Less heat generated
    • Less maintenance required
    • More colour choices (for ambience and mood)
    • Ability to be dimmed
    • Can warm up very quickly
    • Considerably longer lifetime than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs
    • Slowly lose their brightness rather than simply burn out

    T5, T8 and T12 Lighting

    “T” stands for tube or tubular and the number following it indicates the tube diameter in eighths of an inch. Hence, T5 is 5/8 inch, T8 is 1 inch and T12 is 1.5 inch.

    About T5 and T8 lighting:

    T5 and T8 lamps and lights come in both fluorescent and LED lighting options. With increasingly stricter regulation on energy efficiency in Singapore and the need for cost-saving in utility bills and maintenance, LED lighting has become the preferred option. For previously installed fluorescent tubular or linear lights, compatible LED versions are easily available for retrofitting.

    When to use T5 or T8 Lighting and Why

    T5 tube lights are suitable to be installed in facilities such as factory and laboratory, where the light is desired to be more concentrated and of high lumen for close-up work. With the same power watt, T5 is more efficient than T8 and T12 on the luminous output.

    However, T8 tube lamps are widely accepted as the standard size for tubular lamps. T8 lighting’s popularity is evident by its common usage in commercial spaces such as the office, supermarket, hotel and shopping malls. T8 wider beam angle and lower lumen delivers a more diffused and softer lighting which is preferred over T5 in most settings.

    About T12 Lighting

    The T12 fluorescent is the first fluorescent tube that has been introduced for commercial application. Corresponding LED replacement for T12 was not available until recently. With the introduction of T12 LED tube, retrofitting T12 fluorescent becomes an affordable option without rewiring or replacing the fixtures.

    Good lighting is a great complement to good interior office design, helping to motivate and energise you and your staff while increasing productivity. Not only does lighting alter the mood and environment of the work space, it can also have impacts on concentration and energy levels.

    Office Lighting Fixtures

    Interested in getting unique and interesting lighting fixtures to complement your office design as part of your office renovation work, or perhaps you simply just need help with electrical rigging and lights installation? Here at Innovate Interior Design, we provide a comprehensive range of electrical services which are carried out by our licensed electrician.

    Additionally, our designers will also work closely with the electrician to help you design and select the best lighting fixtures for the different spaces in your office in Singapore.

    Be it ambient lighting for reception lobby or more concentrated task light for working area, we will take all of your concerns into account and work with you to create the best office lighting for you and your business.

    Lighting - Office Conference Room
    Lighting - Office Reception Desk
    Lighting - Office Reception Area

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