Office Renovation Cost 2022

Get the latest Office Fit-Out Price Guide and Cost Breakdown

Office Renovation Cost in Singapore 2022 – Office Fit-Out Price Guide & Cost Breakdown

Office renovation cost per square meter (sqm) in Singapore could start from a low of S$300 to more than S$1000. And the cost in terms of per square feet (sqft) is around S$30 to more than S$100.
However, there are many factors that could affect the final office fit-out bill size, such as the complexity and type of material used.

Overall Cost of Renovating an Office

Basic Office Renovation Package

S$30 to S$60 per square feet (sqft) or S$320 to S$700 per square meter (sqm).

Standard Office Renovation Package

S$70 to S$100 per square feet (sqft) or S$750 to S$1000 per square meter (sqm).

Premium Office Renovation Package

Upwards of S$100 per square feet (sqft) or S$1000 per square meter (sqm).

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Preliminary Consultation Fee

The first step in any office renovation project is communicating your plan and budget to your interior designer or renovation contractor. Professional advice will be provided with regards to the design, scope of work and material required based on the relevant information collected from you.

These are some of the consultation charges of some of the industry professionals in Singapore:

Electrical Work



S$20 to S$50/hour



Interior Design

S$50 to S$100/hour

For major or complex renovation project, it is best to engage an interior design company or renovation contractor who may charge a flat consultation fee as part of the renovation work package.

A good profession consultation is worth paying for as you will receive valuable guidance for your office remodelling project to help you avoid costly mistakes.

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    During the initial consultation, you would get advice on:

    • Whether your office design that you want is suitable for your needs, and whether it would fit within your budget?
    • Whether the office remodeling work in your plan infringes on any building codes or renovation regulation in Singapore.
    • The estimated overall cost of the office renovation project.
    • The scope of work required.
    • The type and quality of the material that is required.

    Renovation Deposit

    It is also known as A&A work deposit which is paid to building management. This money will be used to cover the cost of repair for any damage to the building property that may have happened during the renovation.

    The renovation deposit typical range from S$1000 to S$10 000 depending on the size of your business premise. This amount will be reimbursed after the renovation after deduction of any repair cost if any. You can also refer to the webpage on Addition & Alteration (A&A) Works of Mapletree Industrial, a property management company in Singapore, as a reference and understand more about matters relating to renovation deposit.

    Wall Partition Cost

    Office wall partition is one of most common way of dividing your office space into various rooms. And depending on the type of wall to be build, the most common and popular option is drywall partition.

    The cost of installing a drywall partition can start from as low as S$4 per sqft if the entire renovation project is sizeable.
    Alternatively, you can opt for glass partition or mobile wall but the cost will be higher.

    Office Renovation Cost in Singapore 2022 - Price Guide 2022
    Office Renovation Cost - Renovation Deposit

    Hacking, Dismantle and Disposal Charges

    If you need a wall to be demolished to open up a space, the cost of hacking per wall will depend on the thickness and area of the wall to be torn down. As hacking work is considered heavy-duty and requires specialised skills for it to be carried out properly and safely, be prepared to fork out around S$50 to more than S$70 per foot run.

    You will also need to pay the cost of dismantling of any existing carpentry or installation if the previous tenant did not do a proper office reinstatement work.

    Disposal charges of debris from the hacking and dismantle work may be charged. Although the contractor will usually include this is the hacking and dismantle service package, it would be wise to clarify if disposal service is included.

    Interior Painting Cost

    Cost of scaping off old paint starts from a low of S$200 to upwards of S$1000 on the basis of the complexity of the task and the total surface area to be painted.
    The final bill will take into the considerations of the prices of paint, primer and varnish.
    Be prepared to pay around S$2000 for a small office and more for bigger units.

    These are the brands of paint that are available in Singapore:


    Nippon paint is the most popular paint in singapore. They have an online store where you can check out the prices of their paints and other products.
    They even have a paint calculator to find out the amount of paint you will need based on the surface area.


    Dulux paint is one of the most popular in Singapore, most probably second only to Nippon paint. Although its country of origin is the UK, it is now manufactured in numerous countries and available worldwide.
    Dulux does have an official website, but it has yet to have its own official online stores unlike Nippon paint. However, you can still find out the prices of Dulux paint on popular singapore ecommerce stores such as Shopee.


    Another paint brand worth mentioning is Jotun. It is a Norwegian brand and the company is the largest paint manufacturer in Norway. You can check their official website to find out more about their products.
    However, they too don’t have an online store, hence you have to purchase or check out their paint prices at other ecommerce store.

    Flooring Cost

    Some of the popular flooring options for offices and price range are as follow:

    Vinyl and Laminate

    Vinyl and laminate floorings are very popular choice for office as they are very durable, inexpensive, and due to ease of installation, also low in installation cost. Total cost of material and installation range from S$4 to S$7 per sqft depending on the type of vinyl or laminate flooring used.

    Carpet tiles

    The material cost of carpet tiles can start from less than S$2 per sqft. As installation is also very simple as most carpet tiles are self-adhesive, you can install it yourself or opt for purchase that include installation service.

    Carpentry Cost

    Office carpentry is usually one of the most expensive items in an office renovation budget. The carpentry cost starts from a low of S$20 per sqft to upwards of hundreds of dollars, depending on the material used and the complexity of the design.

    Electrical Service Charges

    After planning out your office electrical layout, it’s time to get a professional electrician to execute the plan.

    Below are the charges for some of the most basic electrical services.

    Light installation

    S$50 onwards per light

    Power point/socket installation

    S$50 – S$90

    Fan installation

    S$60 onwards for wall fan, S$80 onwards for ceiling fan
    (Exclude charges for installation of new electric point if required)

    Rewiring for entire office

    S$1000 onwards (depend on the premise size)

    Office Furniture Prices

    The carpentry work might have taken care of the custom-made furniture, but an office would not be complete without office chairs, tables and workstations.
    Prices of office furniture varies greatly even for something as basic as office chair.
    It is best to shop around for what best suit your office design and utility.

    Alternatively, you can engage your interior designer or renovation contractor to include office furniture as part of your office renovation package.

    These are some of the prices for some essential office furniture:

    Office chair

    S$50 onwards

    Office table

    S$60 onwards


    S$300 onwards

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