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Wide Range of Designs and Features for Exterior and Interior Office Doors

Office Door

An office door is a crucial component of any office space, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. The material, style, and design of an office door can greatly impact the overall look and feel of a work space, as well as its level of security and privacy.

Renovation cost in Singapore could easily be exceed your budget, so careful consideration and selecting the right product is a very crucial first step in the planning process. 

Hence, it’s important to choose the appropriate office doors when planning your office renovation. 

Choosing Office Doors, Key Points to Consider :

Office door glass door - swing type

Type of Office Door

Office door falls into two board categories:

  1. Exterior office door
  2. Interior office door

The material used for the doors, design and cost of the door will vary greatly depending on the purpose and function of the doors.

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    Exterior Door

    Exterior office doors are also known as office entrance doors.

    The two main functions of an external door:

    1. Barrier from external environment
    2. Grand entrance to impress the visitors

    Barrier from External Environment

    They are the barrier between the external environment and the internal space of the office. Hence, they need to be more secure, stronger and made of much thicker material than the doors inside the office.

    The robust core of these outside doors not only provide added security, but also provide insulation from temperature changes from the external environment.

    Although the Singapore weather is hot and humid all year round, it’s important to insulate your office environment from the external higher temperature if you are using air-conditioner in your office. 

    To enhance security and prevent break-ins, exterior office doors are equipped with advanced locking mechanisms and reinforced features, such as sturdy frames and hinges.

    Grand Entrance to Impress

    Exterior doors are typically designed to create a strong first impression and a grand entrance for the visitors. Hence, they often have features such as decorative glass panels, intricate mouldings, and ornate hardware that make them more visually striking than their interior counterparts.

    Office Exterior Door -Double Door

    Interior Doors

    Interior office doors undergo far less wear and tear compared to their exterior counterparts, which is why they don’t require the same level of robustness.

    Enhanced safety features are usually not a requirement for interior office doors as they generally not exposed to the same level of external risk experienced by external doors.

    The two main functions of interior doors:

    1. Privacy and Sace Partition
    2. Soundproofing and Noise control

    Privacy and Space Partition

    Open-plan offices thrive on collaboration, but privacy is equally essential for focused tasks and confidential discussions.

    Office interior doors help create delineated spaces, ensuring that collaboration zones and private meeting areas coexist harmoniously.

    For team meetings or brainstorming sessions, glass-paneled doors strike a balance between openness and the required degree of privacy.

    Solid doors, on the other hand, ensure confidentiality during closed-door discussions.

    Check out our articles on Office Space Planning and Office Partition.

    Soundproofing and Noise Control

    In bustling office environments, noise control is crucial for maintaining concentration and productivity.

    Specialized acoustic interior doors provide a barrier against disruptive sounds, creating a more serene atmosphere for focused work.

    Meeting rooms and executive offices benefit from soundproof doors that ensure conversations remain confidential and undisturbed.

    Interior Door - Wood Door

    Office Door Material

    Selecting the appropriate material for your office door is an important decision since it affects the entire appearance and feel of a space, as well as the durability and functionality of the door.Factor to consider when choosing an office door material includes:
    • Style of the door
    • Durability of the material
    • Level of security
    • Maintenance of the door
    • Level of sound and temperature insulation Cost of the material
    And there are several material to choose from namely:
    • Wood
    • Glass
    • Steel
    • Medium Density Fibre (MDF)

    Office Door Design

    There are several design aspects and features that influence the appearance of an office door.

    Some of the most essential factors that might affect the style of an office door are as follows:

    • Material
    • Colour
    • Texture
    • Shape
    • Hardware
    • Door opening type

    The most popular office door designs are those that strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and affordability.

    These are some examples of popular office door designs:

    • Swing Glass Doors
    • Wooden Doors
    • French Doors in Wood or Glass
    • Medium Density Fibre (MDF) Sliding or Pocket Doors

    Some of the most popular office door designs in Singapore are glass swing doors, wooden swing door and sliding doors.

    Swing Office Glass Door

    Swing Glass Door

    Wooden Swing Office Door

    Wooden Swing Door

    Swing Double Office Door - French Door

    French Glass Door

    Double Office Sliding Door

    Double Sliding Door

    Renovating your office can be overwhelming from choosing the right office door to managing the entire construction project.

    Why not work with a professional team of interior designer and renovation contractor to ensure your office renovation project is completed in a stress-free, efficient and a timely manner.

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