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Planning to renovate your office pantry in Singapore? Here at Innovate Interior Design, we have a team of dedicated project managers, talented interior designers and skilled craftsmen who are experienced in all types of office renovation works including fitting out pantries and kitchens for offices in Singapore. We welcome you to contact us for an obligation-free consultation and quotation.

Read further as we have gathered some information that you might find helpful in your office pantry renovation works.

Office Pantry Design Additionally, you will find some office kitchen/pantry designs and inspirations at the end of the page to jump-start your remodelling project.

Office pantry is arguable one of the most important areas in the workspace. In just about everywhere, kitchens or dining areas is the heart of homes and social scenes. The way we view work and how we choose to work, has led a tremendous change in work place design. And office pantry design has thus also evolved in line with the need for more human interaction and collaboration at work.

Office interior designers tasked with the challenge of creating a space which has to fulfil more than just an utilitarian need of a dining area, have been looking at home kitchen design for inspirations. Thus, we have seen pantry area becoming an integral space in the company with design trending towards that of a more cosy and welcoming style. Modern office kitchen design aims to encourage employees to gather during breaks or act as a relaxing meeting place for team members to share ideas.

Why the office pantry should be the centre point of your workplace?

Studies have shown that a good workplace design with careful office space planning which include designating a common area for social interaction in the form of relaxation lounges and eating areas will greatly promote productivity and happiness of employees at work.

There are numerous ways that the employees and organisations can benefit in having a well-designed pantry or kitchen in the workplace.

Here are some key benefits:

Welcoming office pantry design promotes good relationship and rapport

Common spaces such as the pantries or rest lounges where people within the company gather for coffee and have conversations greatly increase social interaction that promotes building of good work relationship and friendly rapport among co-workers.

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    Cosy pantry acts a relaxation space

    Harvard Business Review reported that working continuously for long hours, to the contrary, does not boost employees’ productivity and also has deleterious effect on their well-being. It may seem counter-intuitive to companies but in fact encouraging employees to take occasional breaks will benefit both parties. One of the ways that can be done is to have an office pantry that function as a comfortable and welcoming space where staff can enjoy a short break and recharge.

    Well-equipped office kitchenette leads to better well-being

    Having an office kitchen or even a small office pantry that is equipped with microwave or small oven for warming food might encourage employees to bring lunch from home, thus giving them less incentive to dine on convenient but unhealthy fast food. Not only that, having lunch in the office can also save the staff’s time as long queues and waiting time at eateries is a common occurrence in Singapore. 

    Smart office kitchen design maximizes use of space

    Office pantry can be designed to transform into a multi-functional space suitable for different occasion and purpose.

    • An alternative working area for employees.
    • A place for informal meetings and brainstorming sessions
    • A gathering spot for making company announcements
    • A venue to host events

    What are the points to consider when designing office pantry?

    An office pantry should be functional and well-integrated with the overall corporate design.
    These are some key elements that an efficient office kitchenette should have:

    • Kitchen essentials such as dishes, cutleries, snacks and cleaning supplies
    • Cabinets for these kitchen essentials
    • Adequate seating and tables
    • A coffee maker and/or drink dispenser
    • A good design and layout that optimise traffic flow and encourage interaction among the users

    With so many advantages of having a well-designed office pantry, why not consider allocating more resources when it comes to revamping your office eating area?

    Most importantly, you should also partner with a reliable and experienced company such as Innovate Interior Design for your office renovation and office interior design. We welcome you to contact us for any enquiry or request for an obligation-free quotation.

    As promised, here are some gorgeous office kitchen designs and ideas that you can draw inspirations on for your own office pantry’s makeover.

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