Office Renovation Checklist

Strategize your work more efficiently with a work list

Office Renovation Checklist

Office renovation checklist is very useful in breaking down the renovation project into smaller components and outlining the various key milestones. This allows you to tackle each area of concern one at a time and also strategize your work more efficiently. You can track and check off each item on the essential work list so that you do not miss out any important detail or task.

Whether you are a first-time business owner renovating your office in Singapore or you have prior experience in remodeling your business premise, we are confident that you’ll find this office renovation checklist very helpful when working on your current or future office renovation project in Singapore.
while staying within your budget and timeline.

Checklist Item #1:

Need Assessment

Identify what needs to be done or redesign for your office space. Analyse your office space planning and ensure that there is an efficient utilization of all available spaces. Alternatively, you can engage a professional space planning profession or interior designer specializing in commercial design to help you in this area.

Checklist Item #2:

Office Reorganization

Prior to starting any renovation works on your workplace, a major clean up and decluttering of unnecessary things is absolutely essential. And you might also find that reorganization of some office furniture or items improve space use and work productivity.
while staying within your budget and timeline.

Checklist Item #3:

Gather Employee Feedback

One of the goals of an office makeover is to improve work productivity and create a better work environment for the staff. Thus, hearing directly from the users of the office space with regards to what are the improvement that they felt would help them in their work would ensure a higher office renovation success. And the changes to the workplace design will also be well-received by the employees.

Checklist Item #4:

Plan Your Office Renovation Budget

You can plan renovation budget with your interior designer or renovation contractor. The budget will be based on a few factors such as the desired renovation outcome, the type of the material used, complexity of the office design and the timeline for completion.

Checklist Item #5:

Plan Your Office Space Layout

A efficient work space allows smooth flow of people with sufficient room to manoeuvre. Hence, a proper office space planning should be done and ideally by a professional. 

Consider the following factors while designing your office space:

  • Number of staff using the office as some might be working from home.
  • Number of departments in your office.
  • Type of functional zones or specialized spaces such as meeting rooms, pantry, toilets, resting areas or space for large or specialized equipment.
  • Amount of space allocated to each function zones and employee’s work area or cubicles.
  • Amount of storage area required.

Checklist Item #6:

Check Regulation and Ensure Compliance

If you are just doing a simple touch-up or redesign work that do not require any structural changes, you can, in most cases, skip any application of approval with the relevant Authorities in Singapore. However, you would still need to apply for approval from the building management. You can also leave it to your office renovation contractor or interior designer to handle all the required applications for you.

These are some building safety codes and regulations that you need to comply in Singapore.

Ensure building safety by not demolishing any wall that will compromise the structural integrity of the building. Approval from relevant authorities in Singapore is required for any wall hacking.

Ensure commercial industry HVAC, plumbing and electrical safety compliance.
Ensure environmental compliance and workplace safety.

Checklist Item #7:

Renovation Commence Date

Certain period of the year such as the peak or holiday period will slow down the progress of the renovation work in Singapore due to lack of available manpower. Additionally, if you require the work to be carried out after office hours, be prepared to pay the extra charges as well.

Checklist Item #8:

Draw up Punch Lists.

A punch list is a document that is drawn up near the conclusion of a work project or at major milestones that lists work that does not adhere to contract requirements that the general contractor must finish before settling of the final payment.
Punch lists are very critical to guarantee that the contractor understands what are the deliverables. This is to reduce miscommunication and disagreements between both parties during and upon completion of the office remodeling.

Revamping an office without the assistance of a professional team is likely to over run on the budget or face the risk of not completing on schedule. So, rather than dealing with the various complexities of this procedure on your own, you can engage a trusted office renovation contractor in Singapore to assist you. You are welcome to contact us at +65-68718864 or complete the online form for an Obligation-Free Consultation.

If you do decide to engage us, rest assured that your office renovation project is in good hand as we will assist you in managing every area of the renovation and ensuring high-quality outcomes

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